About Us

My journey began with the sole intention of spending more time with my children. However, I also wanted to engage in a fulfilling activity to occupy myself. This led me to the decision of embarking on a year-long venture to bake cupcakes, just to see where it would take me. This journey commenced on September 1, 2009, and to this day, I am still dedicated to it, with unwavering determination.

Over time, there was a growing demand for cakes, which prompted me to delve into cake making as well. I took it upon myself to acquire the necessary skills through self-education, persevering through trial and error until I mastered the art of crafting flawless recipes for all my baked goods. These recipes have become ingrained in my memory, reflecting my somewhat obsessive-compulsive nature and desire for perfection. Working independently allows me to ensure that I maintain a high standard of excellence and quality in my products and craftsmanship. Every item is meticulously created from scratch, as I hold a strong aversion to using pre-made mixes in my baking. My principle is rooted in the belief that all ingredients should be fresh and of the utmost quality.

Though I have come a long way, I acknowledge that there is still much more for me to learn. I am resolute in my stance that I will never reach a point where I can claim to possess all knowledge and skills. Perpetual growth and enhancement remain my goal, as I constantly seek ways to refine my abilities and expand my knowledge. As part of this endeavor, I am also introducing healthier alternatives. Recognizing that life is a precious gift, it is essential to strike a balance between indulgence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I emphasize the importance of caring for one's well-being and being mindful of the food consumed. Thus, I am developing a range of products that are free from wheat, gluten, sugar and eggs, while ensuring they retain a delightful taste.

If you find yourself in need of these healthier options, please do not hesitate to make inquiries. I am committed to perfecting these alternatives and ensuring that they not only cater to specific dietary requirements but also provide a delectable experience.