What we do

It is very simple, at Butterfly cupcakes we create cupcake couture for every occasion and event, from birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions or just an everyday special treat.

Our hope is that our cupcakes bring smiles to the ones you care about and create cherished memories with your friends and family. We want our customers to enjoy the simple pleasures and savor the sweet life.

A short history

The history of the cupcake goes back to the late 18th and early 19th century. There are two credible explanations for the origin of the name:

The term 'cupcake' is first mentioned in E. Leslie's 'Receipts' of 1828, a time when the tradition of measuring ingredients by weight was giving way in the US to measuring them in cups. According to "Baking in America" by Greg Patent, this was revolutionary because of the tremendous time it saved in the kitchen.

Other sources, drawing on evidence from old cookbooks, say that the word cupcake is derived from the mold the batter is baked in. In the old days, cupcakes were baked in heatproof individual dishes, such as terra cotta teacups.

How we do it

The cupcakes are hand made from scratch using only the best quality ingredients including, organic eggs, real butter, 70% cocao chocolate and natural zests. Taste the difference!

The sugar craft can be made to fit almost any theme, and the printing of edible artwork can be aranged.

The Cupcakes can be frosted with your choice of frostings and what is best suited to the flavour of cupcake.

Wedding cake alternative

Cupcakes have replaced the traditional wedding cake as the focal point of stylish receptions. Flavored with coffee, vanilla, chocolate - you name it - they're decorated with sugar pearls or transparent crystals and arranged on tiered platters to form a big white cone. The cupcakes can then be adorned with white flowers or a big ribbon.


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