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Services We Provide


Cake Design

We sit with our clients to design the cake that will fit their budget and will look and taste heavenly.

We specialise in customised orders.


Best Cupcakes

We make our cupcakes from only the freshest and best ingredients to ensure a high qaulity and great tasing gourmet cupcake.



We deliver your order to your desired location. Please enquire about the delivery charge to your area.

Bridal Tasting

Bridal Tasting

This is a face-to-face session where you can pick up to 4 flavours to taste. You can send ideas, your color scheme, the sugarcraft you may like, beforehand. On the day we will together come up with the final design, this means you walk away knowing excactly what your cupcakes will look like on your wedding day. Contact us today to book your session.

Cupcake Decorating Classes

Decorating Classes

Come and have some fun and learn how to decorate cupcakes. We can accomdate up to 6 people. Couples are welcome to book for an unique day out. Contact us today for your booking and qoute.



We also now provide platters. The following platters are on offer; Fruit Platters, Sandwitch Platters, Meat Platters, Sweet Platters, Vegetarian Platters.

About Me


Elmarie Erasmus

My journey started purely to be with my kids, but I wanted to do something to “keep me busy”. So I decided that I’m going to bake cupcakes for a year and see what happens. That was 1 September 2009 and I’m still doing it and still going strong.

As time goes by the need for cakes started to grow and so I started doing that too. Self taught in everything. Trail and error all the way to master the perfect recipes for all my baking. And I know all my recipes by heart. I’m a bit OCD and a perfectionist. So I work alone and that is how I can provide excellent and good quality product and work. I make everything myself and everything is made from scratch. I hate anything that’s made with pre-mix, so I don’t believe in using pre-mix baking.

Everything should be fresh and of high quality.

I still have a lot to learn. I will never be at a place where I would say I know everything and I can do everything. No. There will always be place for improvement with everything. And I will always want to learn to improve myself and learn more and do better. I’m also bringing out healthier options.

Seeing that you only have this one life to live, you need to not only indulge now and again but you need to live a healthy life too. Look after yourself and what you put into your mouth. Healthier options will be available. So if you have a need please feel free to ask. I’m perfecting a range that is wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free and most important of all taste delicious too.


My Work

Platters 1
Platters 3
Platters 4

Our Prices

Cupcake Prices

R 28 - R 35

Price of cupcakes depends on flavour and sugarcraft.

  • Plain Vanilla & Chocolate - R 28

  • Gourmet - R35

  • Please enquire for a detailed qoute

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Cake Prices

From R 550

The price of your custom cake will depend on:

  • The amount of layers

  • The filling

  • The decoration

  • Please enquire for a detailed qoute

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Platter Prices

From R410

Various platter to choose from:

  • Fruit Platters R410

  • Sandwitch Platters R485

  • Meat Platters R550

  • Sweet Platters R485

  • Vegetarian Platters R475

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Healthier cakes and cupcake options

Healthier Options

The following options are available:

  • Gluten Free

  • Wheat Free

  • Egg Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Dairy Free

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